Program for remote meetings from anywhere in the world

A virtual space to create, discuss and present ideas with your team

used for?
To increase the level of interaction of remote commands and release they depend on the geographical and physical framework
Why use INREAL?
Because it is several times more effective than other communication channels both online and offline
A large set of tools
for virtual presentation
In INREAL, you can perform actions that are difficult to implement remotely: draw a sketch of a future product or transfer any 2D and 3D content to the virtual world and start interacting with it.
High involvement
of participants in the work process
B INREAL allows you to interact with the participants of the meeting, track their views, body language and facial expressions and thereby involve them in your story.
In INREAL, you can instantly change the background of the office space to a virtual bar and mentally communicate on topics that are distracted from work.
Unlimited possibilities of virtual meetings
How is INREAL used?
Create a live avatar
Choose a suitable virtual location
Select a suitable avatar image
Upload their photo and create a recognizable avatar
Connect other participants
... or in video communication format via the usual Skype, Zoom and other services
Users who do not have a VR headset are connected via the INREAL program ...
Send an invitation to participants with a VR headset so that they can join the meeting
Use tools to demonstrate
Fill the space with stickers, drawings and other media files
Connect the desktop of the computer, continuing to use the applications that are important to them
They return to the created space at any time, after the meetings are over, to continue working
Make remote
interaction effective